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Brevi Baby Stroller Pink
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Brevi Baby Stroller Pink

Brevi Baby Stroller Pink
Brand: Brevi
Product Code: BR711-022
Availability: 5
Total View: 1836
Seller: GDPL
AED 1,652.00 AED 1,233.00
SAVE 25% Price in reward points: 12330


Features :
в—Џ Backrest which can easily be reclined to 3 different positions, as far as the sleeping position, by simply pressing one button on the back.
в—Џ Easy to open and close, thanks to the practical 3-safety one-click control on the handle.
в—Џ Roomy seat and padded side protection.
в—Џ Adjustable double layer sun and rain canopy with a window.
в—Џ 5-point safety belt with padded buckle cover.
в—Џ One-click bumper bar covered in soft fabric. Supplied with safety stoppers for buggy.
в—Џ Push handle adjustable in height in 7 position.
в—Џ Four rotating front wheels with full suspension and blocking device.
в—Џ Two rear wheels with full suspension and central braking system.
в—Џ Covering easily removable and washable at 30В°C
в—Џ Practical side carrier handle.
в—Џ Practical and roomy net storage basket with zip window
в—Џ Extremely light frame, folding closure device: stand upright when closed

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Brevi Baby Stroller Pink
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