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Baby Senses Musical Toucan
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Baby Senses Musical Toucan

Baby Senses Musical Toucan
Brand: Chicco
Product Code: CH72373
Availability: 5
Total View: 1546
Seller: GDPL
AED 109.00 AED 72.00
SAVE 34% Price in reward points: 720


Baby Senses Musical Toucan

The baby senses line musical toucan rattle toy [ch72373] Action & Toy Figure is manufactured by Chicco

Model# CH72373,2724292846709

Brand Chicco

Item EAN2724292846709

Toy Category Light, Sound & Music Toys

Let the genius in your child show his puzzle solving skills with this 3X3 inch Rubik cube with smooth rotations. This is an ideal gift or even a Birthday return gift for kids above 6 years.
Product Width 3 inch

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Baby Senses Musical Toucan
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