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About Us

Prominent online Shopping Mall in United Arab Emirates

The52mall.com is your one-stop portal for UAE online shopping solution. Our Online stores will deliver your desired product or service on a click of button.  The52mall.com provide best daily deals for our customer at your fingertips without any stress of travel. The52mall.com team is working non-stop to provide you quality product at very low price. We bridge the gap between the end-user and the main distributor.

Your trust our pride

Our product partners are verified supplier based in United Arab Emirates, which guarantees that you will receive genuine product every time you buy from the52mall.com.

Even with our competitive rates, our website make sure you get a quality product at your door steps. We stand confident that your purchases will arrive safe and on time. 

As for your confidential information, including payment details, the52mall.com is compliant with the highest standards set by the credit card industry. So that you can be rest assured that your data is always stored securely.

Our Official Partners
The52mall.com is proud to be in partnership with some of the logistic and banking worlds most respected brand names. Through these alliances, the52mall.com continues to provide the highest service levels to our customers.

Posta Plus – Official Logistics Partner

Posta Plus is a leading regional provider of all-around business, logistics and shipping solutions. They help businesses of all sectors and sizes maximize their performance to achieve their goals. They attribute this success to our commitment for innovation, diverse platform of services and building partnership with their clients.

PayTabs – Official Payment Partner

PayTabs have a built-in fraud protection system which includes their in-house fraud protection layer as well as 3DSecure. This two-layered system of PayTabs ensures that our customer transactions are highly secure and hassle free.

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